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Adult Certification Fee for Westchester County: Checks payable WCUSBCA

     $24.00 - USBC & State & Local Fee

     $  9.00 - State & Local Fee

     $  8.00 - Local Association Fee
    $10.00 - Adult Basic

Youth Certification Fee for Westchester County: Checks payable WCUSBCA


Your responsibility as Secretary of your league is to return your league certification within the 30 days of the start of your league. National USBC will not fulfill or recognize any awards from your league unless your application for league certification was processed within 30 days from your league start date. If this Association does not receive your application within the 30 days, your individual bowlers will have to appeal to National USBC in order to have their awards processed.

Bowlers must "Certify" in every league that they bowl, but they ONLY PAY ONCE!  Bowlers must complete their certification card with the associated fee on the first night of bowling.  Secretaries should submit the fees and cards immediately.  Any certifications received after the first few weeks should be submitted immediately as well - DO NOT HOLD THEM!  Encourage your bowlers to pay their fees by check. Checks can be made payable to "WC USBCA". All bowlers must be certified if your league is certified.


NOTE: All bowlers must certify ONCE within the period 8/1 - 7/31 in either a winter or summer League.

If an individual joins a winter league in September, they pay full certification (USBC, NYS + local) and it is good through the summer league.  If an individual DOES NOT JOIN A WINTER LEAGUE, but DOES JOIN A SUMMER LEAGUE, they pay the Adult Basic fee (USBC + NYS) and it is only good for that summer league, and should he/she decide to join a winter league, they have to join with full certification.

Final Average Sheets must be submitted by US Mail or EMail within 15 days of the end of the league.  It is your responsibility as secretary to make sure the averages are submitted on time.  National USBC expects to receive the averages and if they don't, your membership will be suspended by National USBC for failure to perform the duties of your office.  All winter league bowlers with 21+ games will have their final averages in the final average book for our association.