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Message to League Officers

Just a reminder that ALL OFFICERS OF A LEAGUE are responsible to ensure the proper operation of the league according to the bylaws of National USBC

All officers should review their rule books and familiarize themselves with their responsibilities.

We have had incidences where the proper certifications have not been filed and therefore the bowlers suffer because no awards can be issued and final averages filed.  Additionally, without the proper certification, the league funds will not be bonded against theft of league funds and other improper use of money.
Presidents, make sure you are receiving your league bank statements directly from the bank and that you check your bank accounts monthly.  Have an audit committee audit the treasurer's books, and also ensure your secretary is submitting the league certification form, bowlers certifications, awards and final average sheets according to the required dates.  For your convenience, here is a FORM published by USBC, that you can use to perform your monthly review of the league funds.

Check out the rest of our site and USBC's site for more details.



USBC RULE CHANGES for the upcoming season are highlighted on our “USBC” page.  However, please refer to the USBC website for all Rule, Tournament & Bylaw changes.


SECRETARIES are encouraged to file average sheets electronically….

If you use Perfect Secretary or Bowling League Secretary, they have a feature that allows the final averages to be exported to a file that can be submitted to your association manager.

Before using the export feature, be sure all information on your league certifications is updated and included in your bowling program.  Any missing information will prevent you from being able to use the import feature correctly.  Then follow your league program's instruction to import final averages, and email the file to Barbara Campisi at the email below.