Welcome to the Official WC USBC Website


League services provide league officers with the information they need to carry out their responsibilities with regard to leagues operations under the rule of the sport.

The United States Bowling Congress’ website has a wealth of information that is available to league officers and bowlers alike.  If you visit the USBC website at www.bowl.com, here are some of the services you will see:

  •      Under Bowling, discover information about member rewards, a bowling store, achievement awards,

          and available media & digital content

  •      Under USBC, you will find information like equipment specifications, tournament & league rules,

          as well as league resources that help league officers & board of directors run a successful league

  •      Under Find an/a, anyone who is a registered USBC member with a user name & password can find an

          Association, a Center, a Coach, a Member, a Tournament or a Registered Volunteer

The information we provide on our league services pages will focus on not only USBC information, but services & information specific to our local association, such as:

  •      Our certification fees

  •      Westchester County provided awards

  •      Average verifications for Westchester bowlers